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What: Protest at the Dail @ 7pm
Why: The Government is set to debate the Expert Group recommendations - we will be streaming audio live outside. 
How: As before, people will gather. Most likely we'll have some opening speeches, then we'll simmer down for the Dail debate, then we'll have closing statements.

What's different: As we're going to spend some time listening to the debate, bring camping chairs / a flask of tea/coffee to keep warm, and be sure to wrap up. 

Do you know any street vendors?

It's going to be a busy winter's night on the street, people would probably love to buy some grub, or at the very least some tea and coffee - if you know street vendors (with the relevant licences) please let them know they'll have a really large captive market on hand to buy their warm food and drinks.


Events happening in Berlin - source and more info here

This evening, there was a vigil at the Irish Embassy in Berlin. About 60 people gathered, with candles and placards, to mourn the untimely and entirely preventable death of Savita Halappanavar.

I read out statements from Termination For Medical Reasons, Choice Ireland, a group of NUI Galway and University of Limerick academics and Fiona Hyde, editor of Siren Magazine. It was a really lovely group of people, lots of Irish, but not all. I was glad I had my passport as I ended up being legally responsible for the vigil / protest. The police officers asked me about the vigil and seemed shocked that even a miscarrying woman couldn’t have an abortion in Ireland. Quite a few people asked me when the next one is. They felt we should keep the pressure on, and shame the Irish government into legislating. So I guess we will start organizing that now.