'Should the constitutional amendment succeed, Ireland I will once again become a beacon in the true sense," claims Dr. Julia Vaughan, one of the leaders of the prooamendment campaign. Another says "it could tum the tide in the Western World" - the tide of permissiveness and morallaxitude. 

These are claims repeatedly made by those involved in the pro-amendment campaign, for they view their efforts not just as securing an all-time constitutional prohibition on abortion but as the start of a moral crusade against those liberalising trends in Irish society which have led to the legallisation of the sale of contraceptives, sex education, a greater public willingness to permit divorce, sexual permissiveness, the breakdown of marriage and an abandonment of formal religion. 

This is a story of how a small group of zealous catholics have mounted a rearguard action against these permissive trends around the emotive issue of abortion - an issue which they, rather than the pro-abortionists, have managed to catapult into the forefront of national debate. '

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