All those who are interested in ensuring that what happened to Savita Halappanavar never happens again to another woman in Ireland, in ensuring that women's rights to life, health and self-determination are respected on this island, are invited to a national open meeting to launch a national pro-choice campaign on December 8th, to be held in Dublin city centre. 

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Events happening in Berlin - source and more info here

This evening, there was a vigil at the Irish Embassy in Berlin. About 60 people gathered, with candles and placards, to mourn the untimely and entirely preventable death of Savita Halappanavar.

I read out statements from Termination For Medical Reasons, Choice Ireland, a group of NUI Galway and University of Limerick academics and Fiona Hyde, editor of Siren Magazine. It was a really lovely group of people, lots of Irish, but not all. I was glad I had my passport as I ended up being legally responsible for the vigil / protest. The police officers asked me about the vigil and seemed shocked that even a miscarrying woman couldn’t have an abortion in Ireland. Quite a few people asked me when the next one is. They felt we should keep the pressure on, and shame the Irish government into legislating. So I guess we will start organizing that now.

Over 2,000 attend another vigil and protest at the Dail. We will not be ignored. Never again! The next protest is on Wed 28th at 7pm - details HERE.

Tweets during Sinead Redmond's emotional speech

Sinead Redmond, Pro-Choice activist and heavily pregnant talks about the 8th amendment as a '152' year old relic. #Savita

New campaign @SavitasLaws and Facebook #Savita #rtept #legislatenow

Redmond talks about website 'Savita's Laws' established this week. #Savita

Pregnant speaker says civil and political opinion should have no role in her care #savita #dail

That last line came from a speaker who is 8 months pregnant. "My life and health are worth protecting." #Savita #LegislateForX

Very moving speech by Sinead Redmond & what I feel as we in the fucking dark ages #savita

Great emotional address from @sineadredmond calling for immediate legislation & removal of 1861 act #Savita #SavitasLaws #NeverAgain

"This is not a time to be calm. This is a time to be angry. A woman died a preventable death in an Irish hospital in 2012" #Savita

"I cannot sleep with rage, with fear"- 8 month pregnant Sinead Redmond #Savita

Sinead Redmond, of Unlike Youth Defence, says "we need movement and we need it now. Never again." #savita

Sinead Redmond cries "SHAME ON THEM!" on the steps outside Leinster House. Crowd erupts with shouts of 'shame' #Savita

"Civil and criminal law has no place in my pregnancy, in my medical treatment"- Sinead Redmond's voice breaks with emotion #Savita

Video of Clare Daly at the protest tonight

Photos from the march tonight

Interest in Savita Halappanavar’s story won’t wane any time soon - if the trend of vigils cropping up worldwide is anything to go by.

After rallies in the UK and Ireland, New York is the latest in a line of cities where anyone moved by the tragedy of her death has gathered to show solidarity with her family.

“This isn’t just an Irish issue - international awareness exists around this human rights issue,” Max McGuinness, a Dublin-born Columbia University PhD student and one of the two vigil organisers tells The Irish Times.

Surrounded by dozens of like-minded people at a candlelit ceremony on the lawn outside Columbia University’s Barnard College, McGuinness says the goal was also to protest at the circumstances leading up to Ms Halappanavar’s death.

“It seems to be a direct consequence of the failure of consecutive Irish governments since the X case to produce a legal framework that would protect pregnant women’s rights,” McGuinness says.

“A show of global support is vital,” adds Barnard Professor Belinda McKeown, who organised the vigil with McGuinness. “The Irish Government needs to be reminded the world is taking this story seriously, and with the right kind of pressure they may finally act, ” she says, adding how Barnard College, traditionally a female-only campus, was the perfect setting to spotlight women’s rights being undermined by a lack of clarity on abortion in Ireland’s Constitution.


Sadness at the death of Savita Halappanavar emanated from a candle-lit vigil held in her memory in Galway at the weekend.

There was also outrage among the estimated 1,000 people who turned out in cold weather to remember the woman who had moved from India with her husband to set up home in Galway a few years ago.

“It was just barbaric what happened. It was outrageous, the very fact that it happened here in Galway makes it all the more so,” said Phil Mason from Galway.

“I had my kids in Galway: it could have been me; it could have been any of my neighbours; it could have been anybody; it just shouldn’t have happened,” she added.

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November 17th 2012 at 4pm thousands of people marched from The Garden of Remembrance to Merrion Square in support of Savita Halappanavar and legislation surrounding termination.
Never Again, March for Savita Halappanavar, Dublin 17th November 2012
Photography: Ewa Figaszewska
For twenty years Irish governments have been told that they must establish an accessible and effective procedure for women to have abortions in Ireland when their life is at risk. Today, people marched.
"At 4pm today outside the Irish consulate in Edinburgh, about fifty people came to stand vigil for Savita Halappanavar, to sign Diwali cards for Enda Kenny and James Reilly."
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